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ZariZar, a shawl vendor seeking to expand into the US market, faced a challenge: despite their strong presence in Mumbai with a predominantly Indian customer base, needed a strategy to increase sales.

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My Love Letter to India

View the final presentation; Witness the rebirth of ZariZar, a luxury shawl brand from Aurangabad, as we reshape its brand voice and launch it through exclusive partnerships with South Asian New York Fashion Week and The Juggernaut. This initiative targets the Non-Resident Indian market and celebrates South Asian heritage.

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The Process Book

To understand the true consumer of ZariZar in the US, the Non-Resident Indian (NRI), and expand their presence to appeal to this audience, I followed a comprehensive design process, including market research, persona development, and strategic ideation shown in this process book magazine. This approach allowed me to align ZariZar’s brand voice with NRI values and aesthetics, ultimately enhancing their market visibility through targeted partnerships and collaborations.

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